Translational Radiopharmaceutical Sciences

Welcome to the preclinical research group TRS (Translational Radiopharmaceutical Sciences; CHUV/UNIL/LICR), situated in the AGORA. 

Our newly established research team (est. Sept. 2019) focuses on the design, synthesis and in-depth preclinical characterization of targeted probes for in vivo imaging and theranostic applications in the wider context of immuno-oncology. This includes the identification of novel targets for selective imaging of immune cell populations in the tumor microenvironment and subsequent tracer development and optimization. Also, further preclinical advancements of recently established theranostic concepts such as Chemokine receptor-targeted agents within the framework of immunotherapies and combination therapies is an integral part of our research interest. The overarching goal of these efforts is the development of imaging tools for improved patient selection in the context of immune therapies in different cancer entities.

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