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14th June 2022

We were very pleased to present our field of radiopharmaceutical sciences to all our collegues as part of the Agora Progress Report series. Many thanks to all attendees for the great interest, the good discussions and the positive feedback!


29th May - 02nd June

We congratulate our PhD student Sebastian for his travel award and his talk at the iSRS2022 symposium in Nantes. 


09th Dec 2021

Fête Noël at Café Pointu. 


25th Nov 2021

A new summarizing review in regard of CXCR4 immune cell orchestration, its potential for therapy and imaging is published now:

In Vivo Targeting of CXCR4—New Horizons


1st Oct 2021

We welcome Alexandra in our research group. With her as an experienced radiopharmacist our team is complete for '21 and we will be ready to take off for the following year(s) to present you first exclusive insights of our results. 

15th Sept 2021

Check out our most recent publication concerning hybrid tracers in radioguided surgery:

The role of fluorescent and hybrid tracers in radioguided surgery in urogenital malignancies


26th August 2021

Having a great week in Göttingen at the #EMIM2021 - first in person conference this year for our group. Now heading back to the lab with new impressions and creative ideas.


15th May 2021

Our research group is growing. We have the pleasure to welcome Lennard as PhD student in our team. We wish him a successful scientific start in Lausanne.

1st May 2021

We welcome Radmila as Postdocrotal Fellow at Agora. With her previous experience in the field of radiochemistry, she will be a great addition in our research team. 

4th January 2021

We’re starting into 2021 with very good news:  Our collaborative Grant proposal « PREDICT » (co-investigators: Prof. Vincent Zoete, Prof. Niklaus Schaefer) has been accepted by the San Salvatore Foundation and will receive funding for 2021-2023 !

18th December 2020

Proud to announce: Our collaborative Oncosuisse Grant proposal « RADIATION » (co-investigators: Dr. Steven Dunn, Dr. Melita Irving, Prof. Vincen Zoete) has been accepted and will receive funding for 2021-2023 !

13th November 2020

We recommend the recently published review of Professor Magret Schottelius addressing the role of CXCR4 in cancer:

At the bench: Pre-clinical evidence for multiple functions of CXCR4 in cancer



10th July 2020

We gratulate Prof Magret Schottelius for the new promising publication:

A new class of PentixaFor- and PentixaTher-based theranostic agents with enhanced CXCR4-targeting efficiency



07th May 2020

A clinical study performed with [99mTc]Tc-PSMA I&S is accessible now:

[99cmTc]Tc-PSMA-I&S-SPECT/CT: experience in prostate cancer imaging in an outpatient center



8th April 2020

A new publication is available now:

From Theranostics to Immunotheranostics: the Concept





13th February 2020

Finally! The first important step is accomplished. We now have a fully equipped laboratory, and this milestone is celebrated with a classical Swiss Apéro. The lab is now officially ready for synthesis and first preclinical experiments.

Thanks to all those who have supported us!



10th February 2020

A new publication highlights an underestimated preclinical issue:

“Luke! Luke! Don’t! It’s a trap!”—spotlight on bias in animal experiments in nuclear oncology



1st January 2020

We welcome Severin as new member in our research team. With his previous experience as a radiochemist, he will be a great asset to establish our research group. Finally, we wish him a pleasant scientific start in Lausanne.


First equipment arrives, our lab grows now from day to day - and we will be soon ready to cook (synthesize) :)



1st October 2019

We welcome Sebastian as new PhD candidate in the TRS research group and whish him a pleasant scientific start in the new lab!



1st September 2019

The TRS (Translational Radiopharmaceutical Sciences) research group is established and ready to get started under the expertise of Prof. Dr. Margret Schottelius. 

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