Our immuno-oncology units

State-of-the-art facilities in customised premises

Two facilites which have been custom-designed to the needs of patients receiving innovative cancer treatments are set in the main University hospital building at the CHUV:

The innovative treament unit (UTI)

for the outpatient care of those enrolled in early phase clinical trials (BH06 - 6th floor of main hospital building.)

The individualised hospital unit

which is part of a floor dedicated to the hospitalisation of patients undergoing cellular therapy requiring isolation (BH19 - 19th floor of main hospital building)

The layout of this unit caters to the isolation needs of patients whose immune system is depleted, as a result of cancer treatment. Each room functions as an autonomous unit, with its own air-locked entrance, bathroom facilities and independent ventilation system. Patients can, if necessary, benefit from remote monitoring of their vital signs. This allows for early detection of any variations of hemodynamics or body temperature and an ensuingly speedy initiation of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures. 

Images (c) Aubert Architectes.

BH06 Treatment suite
BH06 hallways
BH06 Treatment suite
BH06 hallways
BH19 Welcome desk area
BH19 individualised hospital room
BH19 hallway
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