Heart and Sports

In close collaboration with the Cardiology Department, our sports cardiologists, D. Vincent Gabus, Dr Benoît Desgraz, and Dr/Pr Aaron Baggish, provide consultation for athletes with known or suspected heart conditions and exercise-related symptoms.

Their primary role is to perform screening for the cardiovascular diseases that are associated with sudden cardiac death during sport participation. They are also actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies in professional and non-professional athletes. Our team bridges the gap between sports medicine and sports cardiology by offering prompt and comprehensive care in cases of suspected or confirmed cardiac issues.

Sport and exercise can be safe and beneficial for the majority of patients with cardiovascular disease, assuming they receive care and oversight by a medical team that understands the full spectrum of risks and benefits.  Drs Gabus, Desgraz, and Dr/Pr Baggish see patients who seek to resume or continue sports activities or to increase training volume with specific performance goals.

Moderate and intense exercise and sports activity, particularly during periods of increased training volume and intensity, place numerous demands on the body. This stress, a necessary part of training to achieve performance goals, can affect the entire body including the muscles, tendons, bones, brain, cardiovascular system, and lungs. While most of these stressors lead to healthy adaptation, they can pose health risks when there are underlying medical problems. In partnership with doctors at the Sports Medicine Center who specialize in musculoskeletal care, our team is optimally positioned to address issues that involve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

These consultations are conducted as part of the Swisscardiosport network, a Swiss medical network of specialized sports cardiologists.

Clincial activity is provided at two locations.

Cardiology Department

(Unisanté Building, Rue du Bugnon 44, 1011 Lausanne)


- Exercise-related complaints/symptoms (palpitations, fainting, chest pain, difficulty breathing, unexplained performance decline, etc.)

- Screening, monitoring, and treatment of cardiovascular disease in athletes

Dr Vincent Gabus' office: 021 314 48 00

Dr/Pr Aaron Baggish's office: 021 314 94 06

Sports Medicine Center

(Swiss Olympic Medical Center, Orthopedic Hospital, Av. Pierre-Decker 4, 1011 Lausanne)


- Resumption of sports activities among athletes with cardiovascular risk factors (sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, high cholesterol, smoking, age, family history, etc.)

- Cardiovascular and respiratory health questions related to sports and exercise, without symptoms

- Performance goals requiring increases in training volume and intensity among people with suspected or established cardiovascular risk factors

Dr Benoît Desgraz and Dr/Pr Aaron Baggish's office: 021 314 94 06

Sports Cardiology Consultation

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