Lucas Veuthey, Engineer HES, PhD Student

Engineer HES, PhD Student


Lucas Veuthey followed an apprenticeship as a laboratory technician in chemistry and then graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Sion in 2019 as a biotechnologist. His Bachelor’s thesis, undertaken in the TERRA centre of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (Pr. Frank Delvigne) in Belgium, consisted of surfactin production heterogeneity monitoring among Bacillus subtilis population through GFP reporters by flow cytometry and time-lapse imaging. The phenotypic diversification was then controlled by online cytometry with a feedback control known as segregostat. His Master’s degree and thesis in Life Sciences were conducted in Sion (Pr. Bruno Schnyder) as well and ended in 2021. It consisted of the identification of the evolutive advantages of cereulide production by cereulide-producing subpopulation of Bacillus cereus against various treatments. The latters were antibiotic susceptibility, neutrophil phagocytosis and bacteriophage infection. He unexpectedly decided to deepen his understanding in biology with a PhD far from his beloved Microbiology when he joined the Hemostasis and Platelet Research Group of the Pr. Lorenzo Alberio in 2021 at the Lausanne University Hospital. His PhD focusses on platelet procoagulant activity, their characterization and their clinical impact. Flow cytometry and microfluidic with real time imaging approaches are thought to demonstrate the kinetics of phenotypic diversification. Moreover, through phosphoproteomics and western blots, the mechanism underlying this phenotypic switch is investigated.


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