Clinical Ethics Unit

This unit responds to any ethical problem that you may encounter as a patient, family member or health care professional with regard to care provision. It deals with any individual care situation (unlike the Clinical Ethics Committee that treats institutional issues), involving a conflict of values, moral distress, uncertainty as to the good of the patient, or a disagreement based on moral grounds.

The ethics consultation team is available to help you identify, analyze and attempt to resolve the ethical problem while respecting the values of each individual.

Its missions

Clinical Ethics Consultation
The clinical ethics unit responds to the ethical questions that patients, their families, or the medical and nursing teams ask themselves during care, by providing assistance in decision-making and personalized support from the perspective of clinical ethics.

Continuing education
On request, our unit organizes courses, colloquia and workshops open to all departments of the hospital, in order to raise awareness and strengthen the clinical ethics knowledge and skills of medical and nursing teams.

We develop ethics knowledge expertise in the form of research projects and publications related to the topics addressed during consultations.

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