Research in medical and health care ethics is coordinated by the Institute for the Humanities in Medicine.

Academic Activities

Research in Medical and Health Care Ethics

Research in medical and health care ethics addresses substantive and value-related questions that arise in relation to medicine and our contemporary health care system. It addresses these questions using a variety of methods (conceptual and normative analyses, qualitative and quantitative socio-empirical methods, document and media analyses, clinical studies).


  • Philosophy and ethics of care
  • Decision making in clinical medicine and at the end of life
  • Approaches of ethics support at different levels of the health care system
  • Ethical and anthropological issues of new (digital) technologies
  • Ethical and anthropological issues in neuroscience and its application (neuroethics).

Research in this area is coordinated by the Institute for Humanities in Medecine.


Prof Ralf Jox
Head of the Clinical Ethics Unit at the Institute for Humanities in Medicine


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