Which situations?

Particular and individual situation

Are you facing an ethical problem in your work as a physician or nurse? Are you confronted with a conflict of values and are you having difficulty pursuing the care plan with your patient or that patient's family?

If you encounter these types of tensions when caring for a patient, members of the Clinical Ethics Unit are at your disposal.

What are the so-called "ethical" problems?

  • the suggested treatment is very invasive or difficult for the patient to bear (based on a different assessment of burden and benefits)
  • the patient renounces all or part of a proposed treatment
  • the proposed treatment's purpose is questioned or raises diverging points of view
  • the extent of resuscitative measures should be discussed
  • the patient him- or herself is not able to consent to the care plan, and it is difficult to know what he or she would have wanted
  • the question about the appropriate place of care arises.

What does this support offer consist of?

Through analysis and advice, the ethics consulting team will help you identify and analyze the ethical problem you are facing, respecting the values of all involved. It responds the challenges that arise in your daily practice.

General ethical question

Are you confronted with a general ethical problem that requires an institutional opinion?

If you encounter such a problem within the context of your work, the members of the Clinical Ethics Committee are at your disposal to respond to it.

Who to contact?

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