What is an ethical problem?

Some clues...

It is sometimes difficult to identify ethical problems, but there are some clues that can help to identify them.

Differences of opinion

Typically, patients, their family members or professionals sometimes disagree about the goals of care. They might feel that a particular treatment is not worthwhile because it has too many adverse side effects, causes too much suffering, or the quality of life is too poor.  Others might feel that the expected benefits of the proposed treatment are worth fighting for and trying, despite the expected adverse effects and the burden. This is likely to be an ethical issue, where the weighing of different values will vary from person to person.

Feeling of unease

At other times, when a patient or professional is faced with certain decisions that she must make, she feels a kind of uncertainty or discomfort that might be called moral discomfort. She doubts doing the right thing.      

What to do then?

Even if you are not sure whether it is an ethical problem, do not hesitate to contact us. During an initial discussion by phone, we can evaluate together what would be the right approach to help you.

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