Who to contact?

We recommend that, if you have any questions or difficulties during your treatment at the CHUV, you first contact the medical or nursing team that is taking care of you or your relative. They will help you trying to resolve them.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the treatment team due to an ethical problem or conflict, you can contact the Clinical Ethics Unit by email or phone.

If you think that complaints, a breach of trust or a communication problem with the treatment team is the main issue, the mediators of "Espace de médiation" are ready to talk about this with you. They will listen to your suggestions, complaints or claims and come up with solutions together with you. They can also direct you to the right place to deal with your problem. If a case requires a common approach with the Clinical Ethics Unit, this will be organized.

How does a consultation work?

Ethical consultation by telephone
Depending on the situation and the request, the clinical ethics unit may answer the ethical question directly during the initial telephone call if this is sufficient for the person contacting it. If indicated, a consultation will be suggested.

During a consultation
The consultation takes the form of a discussion in which the various health professionals involved in the situation are present to learn about all perspectives and different opinions. In certain cases, we also see patients or families to learn about their understanding of the situation, preferences, and values.

Final report
A report is written after each consultation. The report is then filed in the patient's record, unless there are specific reasons not to do so. The consultation report is available to the patient upon request.

Confidentiality is dealt with in the same way as for any other medical consultation.

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