Research conducted by the Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV (CLM), in collaboration with the best specialists in Switzerland and around the world, involves pathophysiological and cognitive research as well as clinical applications of fundamental research (for instance through clinical trials).

The main emphasis is on translational research through the establishment of close links between fundamental and clinical research. These links promote new research directions emerging from questions raised by unexplained clinical facts or from attempts to apply biological or theoretical models of human disease.

Research potential will be significantly enhanced by the presence on the site from October 2013, of a 3 Tesla MRI which will be used to develop diagnostic and treatment monitoring methods, in conjunction with The Laboratory of Neuroimaging Research (LREN). The CLM will collaborate with the Service of Nuclear Medicine for the use of an additional PET scan complementary to the MRI.

A Clinical Investigation Unit is also dedicated to clinical trials. It works in conjunction with the Clinical Research Centre of CHUV.

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