Service of Advanced Age Psychiatry

The Service of Advanced Age Psychiatry (SUPAA) manages a consultation dedicated to the memory for 20 years. It is headed by Professor Armin von Gunten.

Several collaborators - two psychiatrists, a physician assistant, a clinical psychologist assistant, a neuropsychologist assistant, a specialized social assistant - work at the Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV. They have skills in general and geriatric psychiatry, psychotherapy, in the field of dementia diseases and, more generally, cognitive impairment.

Their field of expertise includes:

  • behavioral and psychological symptoms often associated with cognitive impairment
  • affective and anxiety disorders frequently encountered in memory consultations
  • forensic geriatric psychiatry, i.e. mental and psychiatric aspects in connection with the law and discernment.

They also provide guidance for the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care of patients, and specific support for caregivers.

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