Service of Geriatrics and Geriatric Rehabilitation

Over the recent years a special awareness has been developed towards the provision of specialized support to patients. Social and medical aspects, opportunities and choices must be considered in the light of history, situation and wishes of the aged patients.

The Service of Geriatrics and Geriatric Rehabilitation at the University Hospital has developed an expertise in the identification, diagnosis, and care of cognitive impairment in the elderly and very elderly. The collaborators of the service involved in the consultations at The Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV bring their specific expertise in multidimensional and functional assessment of aged patients.

This overall geriatric assessment will gather relevant information to define, depending on each individual situation, the most appropriate means of intervention based on:

  • the impact of somatic illnesses on cognitive disorders (including assessment of pain and analgesics)
  • medication problems (polypharmacy, interactions, cognitive side effects)
  • independence in everyday life (day-to-day activities), and the conditions and limitations of home care in complex situations
  • mobility needs (including driving)
  • the functioning of the sensory organs (sight, hearing)
  • nutritional status
  • environment, social and spiritual support
  • ability to discern
  • any other health problem for which the presence of memory problems can cause additional difficulties.

In addition, through the collaboration of the Service of Geriatrics and Geriatric Rehabilitation, patients consulting at the Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV will benefit from the expertise of collaborators of this service to coordinate support in the care system.

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