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Alzheimer cantonal program

The Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV (CLM) is part of the cantonal program «Alzheimer's disease and other related diseases», set up by the Department of Health and Social Action of the Canton of Vaud, with the support of numerous partners.

Alzheimer's disease and related disorders affect a large number of patients in the Canton of Vaud. Given the aging population, an increasing number of people are likely to become affected. These diseases have a significant impact on those affected and their families. Identifying them as early as possible improves the condition of the patients and relieves their relatives.

The program is organized around four priorities:

  • detection, diagnosis and care of people with pathologies of memory and other cognitive functions
  • education and research
  • providing support for caregivers
  • information and awareness of the general population.

Four centers of memory in the canton of Vaud

In collaboration with the Care Networks and the Leenaards Foundation , the Alzheimer cantonal program has opened four specialized memory centers to provide an offer closer to those who need it:

Working closely with each other, these centers aggregate an interdisciplinary team of doctors and psychologists.

Each team offers individualized consultations at the request of general practitioners (or other specialists) to people with memory difficulties. Diagnosis, counseling, treatment proposals and support are among the services provided by the centers. They also offer support within the patient’s social circle with psychological counseling for caregivers.

In addition to the clinical dimension, the Leenaards Memory Centre - CHUV has a dual mission of education and academic research. It coordinates the activities of the network and acts as innovation center and referral center for the Canton of Vaud.

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