IICT Calls

The SNSF released on July 4th 2022 the list of new funded clinical trials on under-researched topics through the Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials (IICT) programme in which the SCTO network of CTUs are largely involved.

We are delighted to announce a new funded project obtained by a main applicant from Lausanne University Hospital:

2021 call : Neurorehabilitation of Cognitive Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis Using an Adaptive Cognitive Exergame. Main applicant : Prof. Arseny Sokolov, Université de Lausanne – LA, approved amount : 1'954’229 CHF

Previous granted SNSF IICT call projects obtained with the involvement of the CTU Lausanne:

2020 call : Procalcitonin and lung ultrasonography based antibiotherapy in patients with lower respiratory tract infection in Swiss emergency departments: stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial. Main applicant : Dr. Noémie Boillat Blanco, Université de Lausanne – LA, approved amount : 2'868’314 CHF

2019 call : Fecal microbiota transplantation versus vancomycin or fidaxomicin in Clostridioides difficile infection first recurrence (Fender) An interventional, pragmatic, prospective, randomized, controlled trial. Main applicant : Prof. Benoit Guery, Université de Lausanne – LA, approved amount : 1'963’647 CHF

2017 call : Using Genetic Risk Factors to Stratify Antifungal Prophylaxis in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Main applicant : Prof. Pierre-Yves Bochud, Université de Lausanne – LA, approved amount : 2'205’222 CHF

2016 call: Reducing the Burden of Influenza after Solid-Organ Transplantation: the STOP-FLU trial [Swiss Trial in Solid Organ Transplantation on Prevention of influenza]. Main applicant : Prof. Oriol Manuel, Université de Lausanne – LA, approved amount : 1'651'666 CHF

To get more information on the yearly IICT call, see the SNSF webpage

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