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Christine PICH-BAVASTROPhD, Senior Researcher
Zhouxing SUPhD student (starting in July 2023)

Major scientific contributions

The effects of 5G-FR2 waves on skin

The group is interested in understanding the effects of the next deployed 5G FR2 waves on the skin.

Part of a vast consortium, our SEAWave project is aiming to provide a comprehensive study of the impact of 5G waves on health. This includes work on 5G real-life emission and exposure in varied public and professional settings, the societal perception of 5G and its impact on cells and tissue. We are conducting the work package aiming at describing the effects of 5G on human skin (while other groups will perform coordinated studies on cells and animal tissues). We are co-funded by the SEFRI (HORIZON grant matching) and the BAFU.

The current 5G waves used on the daily life are ranging from 410 MHz to 7125 MHz and are called FR1. The next deployed 5G waves will be FR2, from 24.45 GHz to 52.6 GHz. Our project targets the 27.5 GHz frequency, as it will be used in both Europe and the USA. Recent studies have shown that these 5G FR2 waves enter the skin but do not penetrate deeper in the body, which is why our project focuses on the skin.

Our aim is to understand the effects of 5G waves on skin by performing a clinical trial. In this study, participants (healthy volunteers, patients with dermatoporosis, or whose skin is prone to developing cancer or who suffer from atopic dermatitis) will be exposed to carefully chosen 5G parameters and skin will be analyzed by state-of-the-art single cell RNA analysis (an unbiased and very sensitive technique ideal for studying cell behavior changes). This project will also decipher the differences between women and men, in response to 5G FR2 waves.

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