Emmanuella Guenova

Prof. Emmanuella Guenova

Professeure associée
Médecin cheffe
+41 21 314 9889
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Curriculum Vitae


Yun-Tsan CHANGPhD, project leader
Pauline BERNARDMD, cutaneous lymphoma resident
Pacôme PROMPSYBio-informaticien
Yi-Chien TSAI PhD student
Christoph ISELIN MD-PhD student
Florine ANDRÉ

MD student

Amina ALIC MD master thesis student

Major Scientific Contributions

Our group performs research at the crossroads of immunology and tumor biology, with a focus on primary cutaneous cell lymphomas and inflammatory skin diseases. We aim to understand the innate and adaptive immune mechanisms and their impact on development of skin T cell responses against non-self/cancer, immune suppression and superinfection.

Selected Publications

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