The University Neurorehabilitation Service's research is organized within the framework of NeuroTech Hub

Vision & Mission

The mission of NeuroTech is to foster the development, validation and implementation of non-invasive neurotechnologies for the benefit of patients suffering from neurological diseases or disabilities and to drive discoveries in the field of neuroscience through the seamless integration of research, clinical expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

Neurotech includes four CHUV-UNIL research organisations from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences (DNC), namely NeuroRehab@NeuroTech, NeuroScape@NeuroTech, NeuroDigital@NeuroTech and MySpace@NeuroTech.

Key facilities at NeuroTech are its immersive virtual reality (VR) platforms and motion capture lab where biosensors, mobile devices as well as neurorehabilitation technologies can be tested in highly standardized and ecologically relevant environments. NeuroTech also develops and deployes data sharing and analytics platforms, including cloud-based trusted research environments and data federation solutions to leverage big data and AI-based research.

NeuroTech projects are dedicated to supporting patients with innovative technologies such as connected biosensors, virtual reality, serious games, assistive robotics and medical exoskeletons to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor neurological conditions.

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