Clinical research

1. Studies phases III

The Department of Rheumatology at the University Hospital regularly participates in clinical phase 3 studies, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. This involvement allows us to be on the top of the research. This point is very important regarding our discipline development with therapeutic innovation. Second advantage, we can get in "preview" the latest treatments to our patients.

2. Studies in the context of our specific research

Projects are many and varied. The research is regularly conducted under the leadership of a part of the medical service. Our diversity and our complementary skills allow us to cover a broad spectrum of rheumatology studies. We propose follow-up and tolerance studies to biological treatments, diagnostic studies with the contribution of ultra-sound, intervention studies with the inhibitor of IL-1 in microcrystalline diseases... Moreover we develop transversal studies with others DAL’s services (trauma/ortho, bone diseases, sport medicine...).

3. Studies in the Swiss cohort SCQM

Rheumatologists Doctors are encouraged to offer their patients to be part of the Swiss cohort SCQM. With this cohort, clinical, radiological or biological analyzes can be proposed.

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