Clinical communication in the hospital with elderly patients and their relatives in the context of COVID-19

Principal investigator: Dre Anca Sterie

Duration: June - November 2021

Funding : Institut des humanités en médecine, CHUV


The measures taken hospitals to ensure the prevention and management of the COVID-19 pandemic have profoundly altered exchanges between health professionals and patients. The arrival of COVID-19 has particularly affected elderly patients, a population that is vulnerable to the virus, and in particular those with co-morbidities. In addition, the management of elderly patients is dependent on the quality of contact and communication with caregivers. COVID-19-related protective measures have exacerbated the sense of social isolation and loneliness experienced by elderly patients, requiring professionals to provide specific support to their patients.


Through semi-structured and open-ended interviews, the project examines the health professionals’ perceptions of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges they faced, and the resources they put in place to respond.

The project is taking place in the Geriatric and Geriatric Rehabilitation Service of the CHUV.

Current status



27.10.2022 - Sterie AC “Revisiting Covid-19”. Seminar organised by IHM-UNIL


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