Resuscitation Options and Preferences

Principal investigator: Dre Eve Rubli Truchard
Co-investigator: Prof. Ralf Jox
Researcher: Dre Anca Sterie

Duration: 2017 – 2019

Funding: regional foundation


In Switzerland, discussions about resuscitation are often held when elderly or seriously ill patients are admitted to hospital. According to the guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, the decision about the possibility of resuscitation should be grounded in medical indication as well as the patient's preferences. Information provided by physicians can be influential in patient decision making.


The Chair has examined communication practices between elderly patients hospitalized at a geriatric rehabilitation center (CUTR Sylvana) and their hospital physicians recording hospital admission interviews and analyzing discussions of resuscitation code status options and preferences.

Current status

Dissemination of results.

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