Social Network Analysis of older non French-native speaker migrants

Principal investigator: Dre Laura Jones
Co-investigators: Dre Anca Sterie, Prof. Ralf J Jox, Dre Eve Rubli Truchard
Researchers: Dre Daniela Ritzenthaler, Dre Laura Jones

Duration: 2020 - 2024
Funding : Lambrecht Fundation


Previous research has investigated changes in social networks across the lifespan, the impact of social networks on health status and the social networks of migrants (predominantly of working age) in different countries. Specific barriers to ACP participation by migrants such as linguistic and social factors along with informational support have also been identified. However we are yet to find research focused on the associations between social networks and advance care planning behaviours of people who have migrated at retirement age or older.

Given the unprecedented demographic changes currently occurring due to ageing, migration and technological advances, which have changed the way we communicate, research into the social networks of older migrants, and the associations with advance care planning behaviours can inform the development of strategies to promote autonomy and "successful ageing".


  1. To examine the associations between social networks and advance care planning behaviours of older, foreign-language migrants in French-speaking regions of Switzerland.
  2. To develop recommendations for promoting positive social networks and advance care planning behaviour for this population.

Current status

Recruiting of participants, awaiting sanitary conditions that allow us to start recruiting and start data collection.


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