The will to live of nursing home residents: impact for care

Principal Investigator: Dr Marc-Antoine Bornet, CHUV
Co-investigators: Dr Eve Rubli Truchard, CHUV and Prof. Ralf Jox, CHUV
Research collaborator: Samira Ruedin, CHUV


Overall objective is to better understand which impact on care has the WTL among nursing home residents. In collaboration with eight Vaud nursing homes, research interviews have been carried out with 130 residents.

Current status

Analyses are underway.


  • Ruedin S, Rubli Truchard E, Borasio GD, Bernard M, Jox RJ, Bornet MA. “I live my own little life”: Opinion of nursing home residents concerning interventions to improve their will to live. In 7e Congrès de printemps de la Société suisse de médecine interne générale. Primary and Hospital Care. 2023:23(S13):9.
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