Cutting edge technology combined with highly acclaimed staff

Our Airway Unit has performed a large number of airway reconstructions in children and adults. The team includes highly acclaimed surgeons and works in collaboration with anaesthesiologists, pediatric and adult intensivists, pediatricians, pulmonologists and special-care support staff. They work together to provide a high class treatment for our patients, as no two patients are alike.

Prof. Philippe Monnier, former chief of the Service of Otorhinolaryngology, is the mentor and the driving force behind the development of this team and is credited of performing one of the largest series of pediatric cricotracheal resections in the world (Ref. Pediatric Airway Surgery, Springer Ed. Philippe Monnier). Over the last three decades, he has worked determinedly in establishing the Lausanne Airway Team and creating a generation of dedicated and skilled surgeons and staff who perform a large number of open and endoscopic pediatric and adult airway reconstructions.

This team has to its credit several path-breaking innovations in the very difficult field of airway surgery and has developed collaborations with surgical departments all over the world.

Our unit has performed numerous cricotracheal resections and laryngotracheal reconstructions in infants, children and adults and has particular expertise in managing the very complex airway, especially transglottic stenosis.

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