Other Speciality Appointments while you are here

Our unit is a multidisciplinary conglomerate of doctors, nurses and ancillary staff. Together, we work towards treating the patient entirely thereby optimizing the patient’s care. Some of other services we offer while you are here include:

  • Pediatric and Adult Complete Otorhinolaryngology Care

    Airway obstruction is often accompanied by other otolaryngologic problems. These are treated simultaneously or solutions are provided, thus providing a complete package towards the patient's health. We have all resources – medical, surgical and the support staff - to manage all types of complex cases.

    While performing airway surgeries, there is always a trade-off between the voice and the airway. We provide surgical and back-up facilities for voice and speech development. Various endoscopic procedures are advised to achieve optimal voice results. We have a team of dedicated and professional voice therapists who work with all age groups and achieve the best communicable results.

  • Speech and Language Specialists

    The speech and language specialists work with the patient both as an inpatient and outpatient. They help us not only with the appropriate voice evaluation and treatment of the patient but also with the proper development in swallowing.

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