Lausanne Airway Course

4ème édition

15,16 & 17 mai 2023
CHUV - Lausanne - Suisse

A common platform for the airway surgeon (otorhinolaryngologists, pediatric surgeons, thoracic surgeons, general surgeons) anesthetists, intensivists and nurses

Theme:  Multilevel collaboration between doctors, specialized nurses and auxiliary staff

When: 15th, 16th, 17th May 2023

Where: Lausanne, Switzerland


  • The course emphasizes on an AIRWAY TEAM APPROACH and therefore it would be ideal for the entire team (doctors and nurses) involved in managing a compromised airway.
  • Nurses (N) and auxiliary staff (AS) play a critical role in the overall management strategy, and would be highlighted in this edition. (Maximum two members (N / AS) per team can attend the course and the hands-on workshop free of cost).
  • The course is designed to get the airway surgeons, pediatric & adult anesthetists, intensivists and nurses together on a common platform to discuss management of airway conditions like congenital airway malformations, intubation injuries, laryngotracheal stenosis, complex airway anomalies with tracheotomies and the combined oeso-tracheal lesions.
  • The course format will include:
    • Didactic lectures
    • Endoscopy (live / recorded)
    • Hands-on workshop for Surgeons & Anesthesiologists
    • Hands-on workshop for Nurses (surgery & anesthesia)

The Lausanne Airway Team

Dr Kishore SANDU (Course director)



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