Planning an overnight stay

Documents needed when coming to Lausanne

  • The referral letter from your GP or hospital notification;
  • Insurance certificate / health card;
  • A form of identification (passport, identity card, Swiss resident permit) or registry office document (family record book or certificate);
  • For patients having European insurance, ask your doctor/ or the insurance company for the 112 EU health insurance form. Different countries may have different requirements to allow travel and health treatment in Switzerland. Contact us and we can reply all your queries;
  • The CHUV admission questionnaire which you received with your referral letter. We ask you to give precise answers to the administrative questions and to correct information about you where necessary;
  • Remember to complete and bring with you the medical admission questionnaire. To ensure that you receive the best possible care, it is important to answer the questions clearly and completely. If in doubt, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor before being admitted to hospital.
  • Completed physical exam form, or if your referring doctor can give us detailed information regarding the present condition and the operations performed in the past;
  • It is important to bring medicines you take regularly, in their original packaging. The healthcare team at the hospital will provide you with the medicines required to treat your condition. Any unused medicines will be returned to you when you leave the hospital.

Items you should consider bringing along

Special items

  • Suction machines with catheters;
  • Spare tracheostomy canulas. Remember, different hospitals all over the world use different brands of canulas. We have the possibility of adapting to all these brands;
  • Special masks for ventilation;
  • Gauze pieces to keep the tracheostomy clean;
  • Gastrostomy, PEG feeds. These can be provided at the hospital, though you may consider carrying some during the travel;
  • Other items that your child / family member is used to have during this stay.

You may consider to bring:

  • Night clothes;
  • Slippers, socks and shoes;
  • Story books, toys, special items that your child prefers to carry;
  • DVD players, movies, music players;
  • Spectacles, hearing aids, other special items.
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