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Vascular surgery carries one of the highest rates of perioperative events. Our goal is to understang the impact of surgical stress on recovery following vascular surgery. 


Our Clinical Trial OptiSurg

In pre-clinical studies, pre-operative restriction of proteins was shown to limit ischemia-reperfusion damages, vascular remodeling, and improved overall recovery. 

Time restricted feeding (TRF) is a form of DR defined as the energy intake limited to certain windows of time. In patients, TRF and alternate-day caloric restriction (a form of TRF) has proved beneficial in a number of small clinical trials.

In 2021, our department started, under the leadership of Dr. A. Longchamp, a prospective randomized control trial called Optimization of Diet before Surgery (OptiSurg; NCT04627688). This study aims to investigate the feasibility and efficacy of a pre-operative 2-week 10-hour TRF in patients undergoing elective femoral endarterectomy (Fontaine stage IIb).

With OPTISURG, we plan to examine the safety and define the molecular mechanisms of dietary preconditioning prior to elective surgery (NCT 4627688).

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