Kidney Transplantation

For patients with renal failure, a kidney transplantation might be necessary to restore healthy kidney function. Kidney are key organs removing waste, minerals and fluid from the blood by producing urine.

This surgery place  heavy toll on the patients and is accompanied by complex immune and inflammatory responses. 

At the CHUV, Kidney Transplant is performed by vascular surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team team to ensure favorable outcomes.

Ischemia reperfusion injury & kidney transplantation

Patients undergoing kidney transplant undergo a complex process of Ischemia reperfusion injury linked to the prolonged removal of the kidney from active perfusion by the vascular system. We developed project to define the nutritional, genetic and sex determinant of ischemia and reperfusion injuries. We use

  • in-vivo models of ischemia-reperfusion injury in the mouse
  • preclinical pig kidney transplantation with ex-vivo organ perfusion.

These studies are applied in the context of health and disease/aging.


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