Our cohort aims to investigate the association between bacteraemia and infection of prosthetic material, such as prosthetic joints, and to identify predictors of mortality of either bacteraemia or candidaemia. We specifically focus on assessing the impact of early interventions, such as infectious diseases consultation, appropriate antimicrobial treatment, and source control, on outcomes.

Selected publications


Participation in international studies

  • Combination treatment for Enterococcus faecalis bacteremia: a prospective, multicenter, observational study (EFfAECT)
  • Delphi Consensus Document on Treatment and Follow-up of Vascular Graft/Endograft Infection (VGEI).
  • Current Aetiology of Prosthetic Joint Infections - retrospective study (CAPJI-RETRO)
  • Risk factors for disconcordance between positive preoperative synovial fluid cultures and intraoperative cultures in revision arthroplasty

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