MINCO, a Cohort & Biobank for Infections in Onco-Hematological Patients

Patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy for the treatment of onco-hematological malignancies (e.g. acute leukemia or lymphoma) routinely develop prolonged episodes of neutropenia, which put them at high risk to develop severe infections. Febrile neutropenia is considered a medical emergency and requires quick initiation of empirical antimicrobial broad-spectrum therapy from the beginning of fever. While the mortality of such infections has been reduced with the use of empirical and/or prophylactic antimicrobial drugs, their use is still associated with toxicity, increased costs and emergence of resistant micro-organisms.

In order to improve the management of these patients, we systematically collected clinical data and biological samples from patients hospitalized in the isolation Unit of the infectious diseases Service at CHUV. With >2000 exhaustive records of neutropenic episodes, this registry represents a valuable tool for epidemiological/quality surveillance and research, offering numerous projects for students, residents and fellows. Biological samples are stored within a dedicated biobank according to the recommendations of the Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP https://swissbiobanking.ch/sbp-directory/ ) which received both VITA and NORMA labels.

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