Covid-19 and other infectious complications

The ongoing impact of Covid-19 on transplant recipients underscores the need for continued vigilance. Collaborating with all transplant programs at the CHUV, we have extensively documented the outcomes of Covid-19 across different variant eras [1,2]. We showed that outcomes of Covid-19 in this vulnerable population were better than previously published. We are currently collaborating in a randomized controlled trial of Covid-19 therapy for immunocompromised patients (Opticov trial, Pr Prof Calmy, Geneva).

During the initial pandemic wave, we contributed as the Swiss representative in the Solidarity trial, a large WHO-sponsored initiative evaluating Covid-19 therapies in hospitalized patients. We enrolled more than 250 patients in Switzerland and more than 14000 worldwide between 2020 and 2022. The Solidarity trial resulted in two high impact publications in the N Engl J Med and The Lancet [3,4].

Additionally, our research extends to other infectious complications post-transplant benefiting of the structure of the STCS. This includes the epidemiology and outcomes of bacterial food-borne infections [5], the impact of ECMO in infectious risk and mortality after heart transplantation (manuscript submitted), and the impact of the duration of antimicrobial prophylaxis with cotrimoxazole in the transplant settings.

Selected publications


  • Aline Munting, MD
  • Lorena van den Bogaart, MD, Université de Lyon.
  • Sophie Seydoux, MD student
  • Valérie Sormani, RN

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