Infective endocarditis

Building on the innovative design of Lausanne’s Endocarditis Cohort, which includes all patients with clinical suspicion of infective endocarditis regardless of final diagnosis, a multicenter prospective Swiss study on patients with suspected infective endocarditis (PROSECCO: The PRospective Swiss EndoCarditis COhort and Platform) was initiated. This project aims to evaluate the performance of newer versions of the Duke criteria and, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, develop a new scoring system for diagnosing infective endocarditis.

Selected publications


  • Benoit Guery
  • Pierre Monney
  • Georgios Tzimas
  • Matthias Kirsch
  • Piergiorgio Tozzi
  • Barbara Hasse, University of Zurich, Lead of the PROSECCO cohort (
  • Nikos Fatsis-Kavalopoulos, University of Uppsala, Sweden (
  • Stefano Giulieri, University of Melbourne, Australia (
  • Nikolaos Fourré (MD thésis)
  • Virgile Zimmermann (MD thésis)
  • André Teixeira Antunes (MD thésis)
  • Elisavet Stavropoulou (Research fellow)
  • Nicoleta Ianculescu (Master thésis)

Participation in international studies

  • Long-term antibiotic therapy in non-surgical prosthetic valve endocarditis (L-TAPE)
  • Risk factors for Gram-negative infection of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices: retrospective multicenter study (CARDINE)

Open positions

  • No current position available
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