Missions and values


Our three missions of clinical care, professional training and research are integral to each service and unit in the Department. We realise these missions through:

  • specialisedservices for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems that are integrated, effective and tailored to each patient;
  • a clinical research environment that promotes innovation and values the work and discoveries of all specialist aimed at improving diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of conditions of the nervous system;
  • undergraduate and post-graduate training programmes made more effective by pooling the resources of the three services, practical classes, bedside teaching and high-quality teaching materials that use modern sophisticated techniques;
  • an active, enthusiastic environment that is open to collaboration with clinicians from other sectors of the CHUV, scientists at the University of Lausanne, EPFL and other institutions in Lausanne, the Lake Leman area, and Switzerland as a whole, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation industries;
  • impeccable managerial and organisational standards.



The Department of Clinical Neuroscience's main values are: patient satisfaction, professional ability, and creative, responsible care.

Patient satisfaction

Our main objective is to assure patient satisfaction in all areas of the services we provide, whether inpatient or outpatient. We value empathy towards the patient; we give our patients a warm welcome, we listen to them, and we respect their integrity, autonomy and values.

Professional ability

Our highly-skilled staff ensures attentive, effective and adequate treatment for each patient, guaranteeing best care while safeguarding well-being. Our logistical and administrative personnel ensure the continued efficient running of the department. Our researchers secure competitive research grants and have their work published in prestigious specialist journals.

Creativity and Responsibility

The world of healthcare demands both humility in treating patients and ambition in furthering knowledge and developing new treatments. In our Department, we cultivate both creativity and an acute awareness of responsibility towards our patients.

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