Executive Committee

Philippe Ryvlin

Pr Philippe Ryvlin

Head of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Head of the Service of neuropsychology and nerorehabilitation
Epilespy and Headaches Units
Gilles Allali

Pr Gilles Allali

Chief of service
Director of the Leenaards Memory Center
Loric Berney

Loric Berney

Deputy administrative director
Nicole Deglon

Prof. Nicole Deglon

Head of the Research center of neurosciences
Renaud Du-Pasquier

Prof. Renaud Du-Pasquier

Head of Service of Neurology
Catherine Goetz Roche

Catherine Goetz Roche

HR Director
Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Kevin Koch

Kevin Koch

Deputy administrative Director DAL and DNC
Marc Levivier

Pr Marc Levivier

Chief of Service
Service of Neurosurgery
Jean-Marc Ney

Jean-Marc Ney

Administrative director
Dominique Rothenfluh

Pr Dominique Rothenfluh

Chief of Service
Head of the Spinal Surgery Center
Krystel Vasserot

Krystel Vasserot

Head of nursing
Department of clinical neuroscience

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