Organisation of care

The services within the Department of Clinical Neuroscience offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment, often in a multidisciplinary setting structured around clinical themes that frequently include neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neurorehabilitationists and their nursing colleagues working in teams.

Conditions we treat

Service of Neurology

Outpatient Unit, sometimes called "policlinic"(Main hospital building, level 7), is open to patients who are referred by a GP, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon or other specialists for advice, treatment or to carry out specialised tests (e.g., EEGs, EMGs, transcranial Doppler, transcranial magnetic stimulation, etc.).

Inpatient Unit (Main hospital building, level 13) is composed of the medical neurology team, nursing staff, a multidisciplinary evaluation and early neurological rehabilitation team (speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists) and specialist consultants from different domains including the Stroke Unit.

The medical team works with specialised nurses in each of these areas.

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Service of Neurosurgery

Outpatient Unit, sometimes called "policlinic"(Main hospital building, level 7), is open to patients who are referred by a GP or a specialist for advice or treatment. The team participates in organising hospital stays and provides pre- and post-op nursing care.

Inpatient Unit (Main hospital building, level 13) welcomes patients for operations or tests. The team takes care of the patients during hospitalisation, often in collaboration with other specialists according to the situation and the type of treatment.

The surgical team works with a team of specialist neurosurgically trained nurses.

When an operation is planned, the patient is given information on anaesthesia by an anaesthetist in the Surgical Pre-hospitalisation Centre (Main hospital building, level 7).

The service works in partnership with other departmental teams who respond to specific needs of care and neurosurgical rehabilitation. Following hospitalisation, a period in the Service of Neurorehabilitation may be necessary.

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Service of Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation

Outpatient Unit (Hôpital Nestlé, level 5) provides outpatient rehabilitation and follow-up treatment when inpatient care is no longer needed.

Inpatient Unit (Hôpital Nestlé, level 4) treats patients who require inpatient rehabilitation. The team takes an interdisciplinary approach to its work. At different points throughout a patient stay, from admission to discharge, the rehabilitation team meets with the patient and their loved ones to define and adapt the rehabilitation plan to individual needs.

The Neurorehabilitation Unit comprises an inter-professional team of specialist doctors, nurses, neuropsychologists, speech therapists who specialise in language problems, occupational therapists and social workers. Weekly inter-professional visits monitor and adjust individual therapeutic goals, planning and implementation.

The team also relies upon the support of orthopaedic technicians and other medical support teams.

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Leenaards Memory Centre

The Leenaards Memory Centre welcomes all the patients addressed to us by a general practitioner, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a geriatrician or other specialists for an ambulatory specialized consultation. This consultation takes place in the building located at Chemin de Mont-Paisible 16, Lausanne – the reception is found at the ground floor.

The center does not provide beds for hospitalization.

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Centre de chirurgie spinale

Consultation ambulatoire spécialisée

La consultation ambulatoire spécialisée vous accueille lorsque vous êtes adressé-e par un médecin généraliste, un neurologue, un neurochirurgien-ne ou d’autres spécialistes pour un avis, une demande de prise en charge ou la réalisation d’un examen.

L'Unité d'hospitalisation

L’Unité d’hospitalisation se trouve au niveau 14 du Bâtiment hospitalier principal. Elle se compose de l’équipe médicale, du personnel soignant, d’une équipe pluridisciplinaire d’évaluation et de neuro-rééducation précoce (logopédistes, ergothérapeutes, nutritionnistes, physiothérapeutes, neuropsychologues) et de spécialistes consultants dans différents domaines.

La chirurgie ambulatoire

Nous proposons pour certaines affections, des interventions chirurgicales en ambulatoire au Centre de chirurgie ambulatoire (pour le traitement d'hernies discales, par exemple).

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