Clinical Neuroscience Colloquium

The Clinical Neuroscience Colloquium, organised by the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, takes place two Thursdays a month at 12:15 (except during holidays).

Due to the sanitary measures still in force, if you are a person outside the CHUV, we invite you to attend the conference via the Web.

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Wednesday 8 septembre             Leçons d’adieu
14h-17h15                                          Pr Jean-FrançoisDémonet et Pr Joseph Ghika, Centre Leenaards de
                                                                la Mémoire, CHUV, Lausanne

                                                               Auditoire César Roux

Thursday 9 septembre                 Multimodal prognostication in comatose patients after cardiac arrest,
                                                               an  update
                                                               Pr Tobias Cronberg (Suède)

                                                              Auditoire Charlotte Olivier

Thursday 16 septembre               How much gut needs the brain? Gut microbiota-immune crosstalk
                                                               in neuroinflammation
                                                               Pre Anne-KathrinProebstel (Bâle)

                                                               Auditoire Charlotte Olivier

Thursday 7 octobre                        Cycles of seizures in epilepsy
                                                               Dr Maxime Baud, (Berne)

                                                               Auditoire Charlotte Olivier

Thursday 21 octobre                      Titre à venir
                                                               Pr Lukas Neukomm, (Lausanne)

                                                               Auditoire Charlotte Olivier

Wednesday 3 novembre               Symposium de départ
Horaire à confirmer                      Pr Thierry Kuntzer, Service de neurologie, Lausanne

                                                               Auditoire à confirmer

Thursday 18 novembre                Colloque SSN à Interlaken

Thursday 25 novembre                The history of the neurosciences during WWII and the Nazi era
                                                               Dr Daniel Kondziella, Rigshospitalet (Danemark)

                                                               Auditoire Auguste Tissot

These meetings are open to all interested specialists and doctors in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

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