Kim Q. Do

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Prof. Kim Q. Do is a neurobiologist, director of the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience (Department of Psychiatry, Lausanne University Hospital) and head of the Unit for Research in Schizophrenia (URS). Her major interest lies in bridging basic neuroscience with problems of clinical psychiatry. 

In 1999, she set up the URS laboratory and developed an interdisciplinary, translational approach promoting active collaboration between researchers in basic neurobiology and clinicians. Her research program is aimed at a better understanding of the causes and mechanisms leading to schizophrenia phenotypes.

Her work pioneered the involvement of a pathophysiological “hub” in which oxidative stress/redox dysregulation interacts with NMDAR hypofunction, neuroinflammation and dopamine imbalance, leading to the impairment of neural connectivity and synchronization, and to cognitive deficits as observed in patients. Using various experimental models relevant to schizophrenia and autism, her group demonstrated that oxidative stress during brain development impairs myelin formation, and selectively and permanently affects prefrontal parvalbumine GABA interneurons.

Her lab is currently investigating biomarkers for early detection, and developing innovative therapeutics to rescue these impairments and impact the emergence of mental disorders.

As director of the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience and in addition to her research activities, Prof. Kim Q. Do also works on professional education and public outreach towards better care and cure of major psychiatric disorders. Furthermore, she has established fruitful collaboration with researchers in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, China and several European countries.

Prof. Do has authored over 120 scientific papers, is currently serving on the editorial boards of The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology and npj Schizophrenia, and sat on advisory/evaluation committees of many institutions, among which the Swiss National Science Foundation (CH), Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (F), The Wellcome Trust (UK), Medical Research Council (UK), National Institute of Health (USA), and National Science Foundation (USA). She received the NARSAD Independent Investigator Award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (USA) in 2006, the NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Award in 2010, and, in 2018, the SIRS Outstanding Basic Science Award from the Schizophrenia International Research Society as well as the Elsevier SeniorSchizophrenia ResearchAward from the American publisher Elsevier.

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