University Institute of Psychotherapy (IUP)



The University Institute of Psychotherapy (IUP) was established in 1998 with the aim of pursuing and developing Lausanne's rich tradition of psychotherapy practice, teaching and research.

After being led by Professor Edmond Gilliéron until December 2001, the IUP is currently headed by Prof. Jean-Nicolas Despland.

The IUP is a departmental unit of the Department of Psychiatry.
Its missions are:

  • To ensure that patients in the Department of Psychiatry benefit optimally from the psychotherapeutic tools in conjunction with the other therapeutic resources available;
  • To provide psychotherapy training for future psychiatrists-psychotherapists FMH and psychologists-psychotherapists FSP;
  • To develop psychotherapy research.

IUP Units and Heads

Research Units :

IUP has also Teaching Units.


University Institute of Psychotherapy
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Route de Cery 1
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