Center for the Study of Behavior


The Center for the Study of Behavior (CEC) is the technical core facility of the Centre for Psychiatric Neuroscience (CNP), to plan and execute behavioral experiments and tests.

The CEC provides flexible housing conditions for rats and mice, surgery facilities, equipments and expertise for the assessment of rodent behavior, from sensory-motor proficiency, to emotions, motivation, learning and memory.

Rather than performing high-throughput, standardized test batteries, the CEC strives to set up testing paradigms or protocols tailored around the specific questions of the investigators.

The CEC also offers counseling and assistance to external scientists and clinicians wishing to set up a study, evaluate or establish new translational animal models in neurology, psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience.

In addition, by organising seminars and courses, as well as by hosting stages of undergraduate and graduate students, the CEC aims at establishing an educational core in behavioral neuroscience in the French-Swiss area.


Center for the Study of Behavior
Route de Cery 11
CH - 1008 Prilly
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