Research Unit of the Centre for Family Study


The Research Unit of the Centre for Family Study conducts research on the development of communication within the family, on the impact of family dysfunction on the individual, and on the impact of pathology of one of the members on the whole family. The aim is to identify protective and risk factors which may be used as resources or as targets for intervention in family care. Research combines systemic methods of direct (video recordings) and indirect (questionnaires) observation.

The main projects in progress are :

  • A prospective longitudinal study of the development of father-mother-child interactions
  • The development of observational and diagnostic tools of family interactions
  • A study of the impact of psychiatric illness of one of the parents on family interactions and on the development of the child

In addition, we conduct or are associated in collaborative research projects with several universities and institutes in Switzerland, Europe and the United States.

We also offer clinical consultations in the field of early family communication.


  • Collaboration in developing and conducting research projects
  • Training in research instruments, including assessment of video-recorded interactions
  • Creation of a research database
  • Methodological support
  • Article library (including systemic and ethological approaches)
  • Help in writing scientific articles

Research Funds obtained by the UR-CEF in recent years


(SNSF): Influence of the presence of a parent on the quality of interactions between the other parent and their child: a longitudinal study of family processes.


(SNSF): Family alliance as a moderator factor between maternal depressive state in the postpartum period and child outcomes: a developmental study of family processes

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  • Prof. S. Eliez, OMP, DIP, État de Genève
  • Dr. W. Stadlmayr, Inselspital, Université de Berne
  • Prof. F. Stiefel, CHUV, Université de Lausanne
  • Prof. S. D’Amore, Université de Liège, Belgique
  • Prof. L. De Coster, Université de Bruxelles, Belgique
  • Prof. I. Duret, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Prof. G. Fava Viziello, Université de Padova, Italie
  • Dr. M.-J. Hervé, CHU, Université de Toulouse, France
  • Prof. M. Malagoli, Université La Sapienza, Rome
  • Prof. J. McHale, South Florida University, USA
  • Prof. D. Oppenheim, Université de Haifa, Israël
  • Prof. P. Rochat, Emory University of Atlanta, USA
  • Prof. A. Simonelli, Université de Padova, Italie
  • Prof. C. Zaouche-Gaudron, Université de Toulouse, France
  • Prof. Joëlle Darwiche Université de Lausanne, Suisse
  • Prof. Véronique


Research Unit of the Centre for Family Study
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