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Nicolas Toni's Lab receives funding from the Synapsis Foundation for the work of Kevin Richetin

Worldwide, cases of age-related dementia are projected to reach 152 million in 2050, but the lack of tools to predict whether the brain will age in a healthy or pathological manner hinders the development of therapies. This project funded by the Synapsis Foundation proposes to support the development of methods for early diagnosis of different forms of dementia associated with Tau aggregation (tauopathies). The project will benefit from the synergy of two departments of the Lausanne University Hospital (CNP and CLM).

Publication : 
Richetin K, Steullet, P., Pachoud M., Perbet, R., Parietti E., Maheswaran M., Eddarkaoui S., Bégard S., Pythoud C., Rey M., Caillierez R., Do KQ., Halliez S., Bezzi S., Buée L., Leuba G., Colin M., Déglon N., Toni N.: ”Tau accumulation in astrocytes of the dentate gyrus induces neuronal dysfunction and memory deficits in Alzheimer’s disease”, Nature Neuroscience 2020.

Congratulations to Dr Kshitij Jadhav (CNP-SUPEA) winner of the Prix de la Société académique vaudoise conferred by the UNIL.

Dr Kshitij Jadhav, who works in the Laboratory on the Neurobiology of Eating and Addictive Disorders, directed by Dr Benjamin Boutrel (CNP-SUPEA), received the Prize of the Prix de la Société académique vaudoise conferred by the UNIL for his thesis «In the search for the vulnerability to lose control : the stress deceleration theory» beginning of July 2020.
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Congratulations to Dr Luis Alameda, awarded one of the research prizes 2019 of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA).

Dr Luis Alameda, Clinical Head at the General Psychiatry Service and Researcher at the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience, currently on a scientific stay at King's College London, received one of the research prizes 2019 of the European Psychiatric Association. The winning article in the category Biological correlates and treatments of mental disorders is entitled Redox Dysregulation as a Link between Childhood Trauma and Psychopathological and Neurocognitive Profile in Early Psychosis Patients,, and was published in November 2018 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS). The study was conducted in collaboration with Dr Margot Fournier and Dr Ines Khadimallah, neurobiologists at the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience.


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