PsyMetab study

The prevalence of metabolic disorders in the psychiatric population is concerning, and particularly elevated among patients taking psychotropic medication that induces weight gain. While some patients may rapidly become overweight or obese and/or develop other metabolic illnesses (dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension) once the pharmacological treatment has been started, others seem to be protected. Our group has demonstrated that many clinical, genetic and environmental factors are involved in drug-induced weight gain and metabolic worsening. The identification of these factors is essential for the clinical follow-up of psychiatric patients, as it allows to focus on patients with the highest risk of developing metabolic impairment, and it can help clinicians in adapting psychotropic treatment. The purpose of our project is to further investigate the multiple causes underlying drug-induced metabolic alterations.

Why collaborate with us :

  • We have a longitudinal cohort of psychiatric patients taking psychotropic medication at risk of weight gain and metabolic problems.
  • The recruitment of patients started on 01/01/2007 and is still ongoing, it includes children-adolescents, adults and seniors.
  • You will have the opportunity to write papers that can be published in international scientific journals.


> 2700 participants
>15000 observations

How to collaborate with us :

The study committee welcomes and encourages all types of research projects on the main topics of interest, including metabolic disturbances in psychiatric patients, that could benefit from the rich PsyMetab data.
For any use of the PsyMetab data, a request needs to be submitted to the Scientific Committee. The submission of projects and communication with PsyMetab should be written in English or French.
The research application form has to be submitted electronically at least 2 months before the beginning of the project to research.psymetab[at]
Researchers should first send the research application form. In case of acceptance, the researchers will be asked, in a second step, to download and sign the data and/or the material transfer agreements.

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