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Flagship SwissNeuroRehab

The SwissNeurorehab (https://www.swissneurorehab.ch/) is a 5-year research project financed by Innosuisse and whose aim is to propose a new model of digital neurorehabilitation along the continuum of care in Switzerland. 

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Cognitive neurorehabilitation in MS (IICT)

This project aims at validating novel approaches for the neurorehabilitation of cognitive function in multiple sclerosis (MS), using serious video games. This study  runs from 2023 until 2028 and is financed within the Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial (IICT) program of  the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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EBRAINS (European Brain Research Infrastructures) is a collaborative Research Infrastructure designed to advance neuroscience and brain health. Developed as a legacy of the Human Brain Project, EBRAINS is a digital ecosystem where researchers, clinicians, and experts converge to explore the complexity of the brain at various scales. The EBRAINS 2.0 project aims to establish a new standard for brain atlases, connect foundational multilevel data, and create digital twins through modeling and simulation

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Cognitive immunity : SNSF Synergia

The Cognitive Immunity project, financed by a 4-year Sinergia grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, aims to investigate the cross-talk between the neural and the immune systems orchestrating anticipatory responses to potential immune threats.

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