Kunz Virology Lab

Sylvia Rothenberger, Ph.D; Head Kunz virology Lab

Mail: Sylvia.Rothenberger-Aubert@chuv.ch

Office: +41 21 314 51 03


Coordinator Doctoral Program Microbial Sciences, University of Lausanne

External collaborator LABOR SPIEZ 


Research topics

Human pathogenic emerging viruses

Using viruses causing hemorrhagic fevers as a model, our laboratory studies the fundamental mechanisms controlling virus-host cell interactions in order to identify the processes regulating transmission, dissemination and pathogenesis. This approach is complemented by applied research aimed at identifying new strategies to combat emerging pathogenic viruses.

Our major goal is to identify novel therapeutics to combat haemorrhagic fever viruses and respiratory viruses.

Our objectives are:

  • To perform basic virology research to decipher virus-host interactions and identify steps in the viral lifecycle which could constitute suitable targets for therapeutic intervention





Stefan Kunz started his career in neuroscience, with a thesis in Zurich on the molecules involved in neuronal signalling. He then moved to California and the Scripps Research Institute, where he stayed for almost ten years, and becoming an associate professor. Returning to Switzerland in 2008, he joined the Institute of Microbiology at the University of Lausanne, where he was promoted to full professor in fundamental virology. After his premature death in January 2020, the members of his research team continued the activities of his laboratory.





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