Who are we?

We provide care for couples who present with fertility problems. Our approaches include ovarian stimulation, in vitro fertilisation or even insemination with the sperm from the woman's partner or a donor. We also advise women suffering from repeated miscarriage.

Our treatments

We also provide care for problems linked to hormone imbalances (endocrinological), which are liable to arise from puberty until the menopause. They can, for example, make the menstrual cycles irregular or painful, and cause changes to the body (such as weight, hairiness and acne). Finally, we provide care for patients suffering from endometriosis.

Our specialist consultations

From diagnosis to treatment, our specialists offer a complete range of care – medical, surgical or psychological – personalised according to each individual's own situation.

Other fields of medicine

You can contact the Woman-Mother-Child Department for the following specialities:

  • gynaecology
  • obstetrics
  • maternity
  • medical genetics
  • urogynaecology
  • breast-feeding consultation
  • family planning
  • termination of pregnancy.


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