Medically assisted reproduction for female married couples

Female married couples can have access to sperm donation in Switzerland from 1 July 2022, following the acceptance by the Swiss population of the same-sex marriage law on 26 September 2021.

The change in the law allows the Fertility Medicine Unit at CHUV to offer MAR treatments to women in a same-sex marriage.

Two medically assisted reproduction techniques are therefore available: intra-uterine insemination with donor sperm (IAD) and in vitro fertilisation with donor sperm (IVF-ICSI).

The decision to use either technique is always discussed with the couple’s doctor, based on the fertility characteristics of the woman who wants to carry the child, her age and her ovarian reserve.

You will be cared for and advised by doctors who specialise in reproductive medicine, biologists, psychologists, sexual and reproductive health advisers, nurses, laboratory technicians and administrative assistants throughout your medically assisted reproduction journey.

If interested, please contact our secretary’s office for an initial appointment.

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