Advice after insemination

Hormonal support

You should start the hormonal support indicated by your doctor on the day after insemination and continue it until 10 weeks into pregnancy.

With regard tofolic acid,you should continue to take folic acid 400 mcg/day until 10 weeks into pregnancy.


You can return to work after insemination. There is no particular indication for rest.

Physical exercise

We recommend that intensive exercise be avoided prior to the pregnancy test. On the other hand, active movement (walking) is recommended.


There is no contra-indication to travelling after insemination. On the other hand, during long journeys by car or aeroplane, we suggest that you take regular walks about once an hour and drink enough fluids.

If you do become pregnant, various complications such as miscarriage or extra-uterine pregnancy are possible. Consequently, we advise you to travel to countries where the hospital infrastructure allows the management of complications in the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is inadvisable to travel to countries where there is a risk of infection with Zika virus. You will find a list of these countries here.


The same recommendations apply as for any pregnant woman, i.e. wash fruit and vegetables well and cook meat thoroughly (avoid raw meat and raw fish). We also recommend that you avoid direct contact with cats or cat litter.

Sexual activity

There is no contra-indication to having sex after insemination.

Psychological support

We are aware that these infertility treatments can be particularly stressful. Remember that our psychological counselling team is available on 021/ 314 32 76.


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