Support during your journey through MAR

All our staff are here to listen to you so they can respond to your needs. They undertake to offer you the best possible treatments as well as transparent and direct communication.

Nurse's advice

Before the start of any treatment, couples have a meeting with one of our nurses.

Among other things, this will help you to understand better what happens during the chosen treatment, what medicines will be used and how to prepare yourself for the appointment.

It is advisable for both partners to take part in this meeting: it also provides a space for you to ask all your questions and to express your fears and your hopes.

Psychological support

For about ten years, now we have offered psychological support (counselling) to all couples having a medically assisted reproduction treatment at the CHUV, before, during and after the process.

These meetings with a psychologist or sexual and reproductive health counsellor allow you to share your experiences and the emotions raised by coming for infertility treatment.

Couples may go from hope to joy, but also to disappointment and sadness, a change that can sometimes be difficult to manage. It is often beneficial to put your emotional state into words, to gain a better understanding of the resources available to you and help deal with how you are feeling.


To make an appointment with a counsellor:
Fertility Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology secretariat
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