Legal information

The following information concerns all Internet sites of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV).

Limitation of liability

The information provided on all CHUV websites is intended to improve and not replace the relation that exists between the patient or visitor to the site and the health professional.

Despite making every effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided on these sites, the CHUV cannot be held liable for the reliability, exactitude, topicality or completeness of such information.

The CHUV expressly reserves the right at any time and without prior notification to modify partially or fully the content of such sites, discontinue them or temporarily take them off line.

The CHUV cannot be held liable for any material or consequential damage caused by accessing the information provided or by its use or non-use, incorrect use of the connection, or technical problems.

Referrals and links to other websites

Referrals and links to other websites are for information only and the content, form and services offered by such sites are dependent solely on the responsibility of their authors. Access to such sites and their use is at the risk of persons consulting them.

Data protection

Article 13 of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation and data protection laws specify that any person has the right to protection of their privacy and to protection from the misuse of data concerning them. The CHUV strictly observes these provisions.

Personal data is treated confidentially and is not sold or forwarded to third parties.

The CHUV takes all possible steps to protect its databases from outside intrusion, loss of data, misuse and falsification.

No personal data is recorded when accessing the home page. The CHUV Internet server records only non-personal statistical data pertaining to the site, by means of cookies, to analyse assessments of the quality of its service (files, logs). It uses Matomo to analyse the site’s user profile and improve its content. Accordingly, data pertaining to use of the site is not associated with personal data. 

These rules do not apply however when someone expressly makes contact via the site. When a visitor’s electronic address is recorded, it is saved in a separate database that has no link to anonymous log files. Visitors have the right at any time to remove their record.

Email addresses or other details making it possible to identify a person are at no time forwarded to entities outside the CHUV. Only the site’s webmaster retains emails received by the site. However, a complaint expressed through this channel will be forwarded to the Legal Affairs Unit and to the department concerned so that action can be taken.


Copyright: Lausanne University Hospital, 2018.

Information contained on CHUV websites is made available to the public. The downloading or copying of text, illustrations, photographs or other data entails no transfer of rights with regard to content.

Copyright and all other rights in connection with text, illustrations, photographs and other data placed on the websites of the CHUV are its exclusive property or that of expressly cited holders. Reproduction in any form requires the prior written permission of the rights holder.

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